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Ediza Lake to Minaret Lake

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This is Tracy getting ready to break camp at our picturesque (but mosquito filled) campsite at Ediza Lake.

On day 1, we met a group of six backpackers doing the same four-day route as us. We affectionately referred to them as "Team Two" (even though they made it to Ediza Lake ahead of us). Here they are, posing with us in front of Ediza Lake.

We had to hike uphill to get to Iceberg Lake. Thankfully, Dave from Team Two had a GPS, because we made a few wrong turns along the way. From Iceberg Lake, we had a tough off-trail route to get up to Cecile Lake. Here's a view of the south end of Iceberg Lake with our route highlighted. It was across snow and boulders and we had to use our hands to navigate the rocks near the top.

Here's Danny and Tracy relaxing from the tough ascent, and enjoying the view back down of Iceberg Lake as seen from Cecile Lake.

From Cecile Lake, it wasn't obvious how to get down to Minaret Lake on the other side. We could see it, but many seeming routes down ended at sheer cliffs. Here's a panorama of Minaret Lake from above.

Here's Danny and Tracy, at our campsite at Minaret Lake, watching the spectacular sunset, and trying to ignore the millions of mosquitos. They seemed to hover more in a thick cloud around me, since I did not spray my clothes with bug spray, earning me the nickname "Pigpen".

Here's that spectacular sunset they were watching.

Day 1 - Day 2 - Day 3 - Day 4