Coast(er) to Coast(er)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is going?

The participants are Bruce Binder, Bill Peckham, and Harlan Irvine. Harlan is starting the trip and is planning to go at least as far as Phoenix and possibly the whole way.

Is this an organized ride?

We like to think that we're organized, but this is completely self-planned.

Do you have sponsors?

We are paying for the costs of the trip ourselves and are not seeking sponsorship.

Are you going to have a support car?

We are doing this ride self-supported without a support vehicle.

Where are you going to sleep?

We will mostly stay at campgrounds. We will probably stay at motels once a week or so. Some nights, when no campground or motel is nearby, we'll improvise by asking local residents for recommendations.

So you're taking a bunch of camping gear?

Yes. We plan to be self sufficient. We'll have tents, sleeping bags. and other camping gear.

How do you carry all your stuff?

Bill's and Bruce's bikes have front and rear racks and sets of panniers (saddlebags) for the front and rear. Also, a bunch of stuff straps on top of the rear rack. See some pictures. Harlan has a trailer that he pulls behind his bike.

How much does all that stuff weigh?

Bruce's gear weighs 74 pounds.

What will you eat?

We will mostly stop for food at restaurants, cafes, diners, coffee shops, fast food places, and the occasional "gas-n-sip." We'll eat snacks in camp and also some full meals, when other options aren't available.

What route are you taking?

See the map above.

How many miles will you ride every day?

We expect to average somewhere between 60 and 75 miles per day.

How many miles is the whole trip?

About 3400.

Do you know where you're going to be every day?

We only know what we think might be a good route (see above). We don't expect to plan more than a day or two in advance for where we'll stop each night.

Are you bringing a cell phone?

We'll have cell phones, but will not likely turn them on for most of the trip. We have limited facilities for recharging batteries and expect limited coverage.

Why are you ending at Coney Island?

When the planning started for this trip several years ago, Bruce's sister lived in New York City. That's why New York is the destination. Coney Island is situated on the Atlantic Ocean which makes it a good place to complete a "Coast to Coast" ride that starts at the Pacific Ocean. Finally, the proximity to a roller coaster at each location makes for a play on words with the designation Coast(er) to Coast(er).

What kind of bike do you have?

Bill and Bruce have touring bikes. They are traditional looking road bikes with the curved "drop" handlebars (as opposed to the flat mountain bike style handlebars.) They are built a little sturdier than racing style road bikes and have more places to attach water bottles and racks. They're also a little heavier. Bruce's bike is steel; Bill's is aluminum. Harlan has a road racing bike [not a mountain bike as previously reported] that he has outfitted for touring with better tires. [He also bought a new seat in Show Low, AZ to replace the racing seat that was hurting him.]

How are you getting back?

We have plane tickets for the flight back and we'll pack our bikes in bike boxes and check them as baggage.

Are you bringing a camera?


What about your job? Are they okay with you being gone?

Bruce told his employer about the trip last October before they hired him. They said it was okay and they still say so. Bill is working a contract job and he arranged his contract to end before the trip begins. Harlan is a consultant and he avoided scheduling projects during this time.

What is [Bill's wife] LeAnne going to do while you're gone?

Enjoy the peace and quiet.

Are you crazy?

Actually, no. Cycling is an enjoyable and rewarding way to travel. Hundreds of cyclists cross the country by bike every year and thousands more take shorter trips and trips in and through other countries. But maybe we're all crazy.